Dolly School: making an AG doll school

My daughter’s favourite game to play with her dolls is Dolly School. We have been having a lot of fun turning our old Erzi wooden shop into a designated doll school and collecting together doll sized school items, including a little globe, mini pencils and a bell for announcing playtime. Elle has really enjoyed the items in her American Girl School set and the play ideas such as picture day.

Her favourite item, however, has been a set of little books I picked up in the sale at our local Sainsbury’s that make lovely workbooks for each dolly pupil. She has labelled the front of each with the doll’s name and painstakingly fills in each piece of work she sets in every book before awarding marks and house points.

The doll uniform is a lovely touch for playing school as it is just like my daughter’s own. We got if from a great online doll clothing shop Frilly Lily and it is modelled her by the first American Girl doll my daughter ever got, a Truly Me doll she has named Jaleila.


American Girl Doll uniform from Frilly Lily

With a whiteboard and markers, Elle will happily teach her school for hours, planning lessons, using flip charts as props and making educational posters for the classroom. I especially love it when the dolls learn the times tables that she is practising herself that week, or uses her own spellings list for their handwriting class.


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