A puppy visitor

What could give us a quicker fix of happiness than a visit from our friend’s new puppy, Finn? He is a 9 week old black Labrador and he is completely gorgeous. He is very well behaved so far except at night I am told and he has already started a bit of dog agility training, running through a tunnel in his garden after his youngest owner.

To give you an idea of his teeny size, we took a photo of him meeting a member of my daughter’s extensive doll family.


The doll is a Gotz one and is wearing a summer dress we made, again from the Lorine Mason book I mentioned in Dolly pyjamas: first sew. I must admit she is totally upstaged by the lovely Finn and his huge brown eyes! Dare I say Labrador-able? Oops, I just did x



Dolly pyjamas: first sew

My daughter just had her first go at sewing some dolly pyjama bottoms on the lovely little John Lewis sewing machine she got for her birthday, and we are pleased with the results!

Modelled here by her beautiful Gotz doll Lucy, we used a pattern from a great book we have, Love to Dress Up: 18″ doll clothes by Lorine Mason.




Horsing around: home-made stable for an AG horse


American Girl Doll Horse with hand-made wooden stable

Look what Grandpa made for my very lucky daughter and her new American Girl horse! We just love this beautiful wooden stable, complete with some hand-sewn accessories from Granny, including a horse blanket, straw bale and feed sacks.


Hand-sewn accessories: horse blanket, bales and feed sacks

I would highly recommend the American Girl horse; her coat and hair and so soft and just gorgeous to brush and the tail just had to be plaited immediately. The saddle and bridle are easy and fun to put on and take off too. My daughter did persuade me to make one adjustment, which was to trim the fringe of Coco and she is now known, so she could see better. I am resisting the pleas to add furniture sliders to the hooves so she can be dragged around more easily!

The doll featured is AG’s lovely Maryellen with a My London Girl riding helmet. We are feeling very lucky and very happy – definitely  one for the happiness jar!

American Girl Horse with AG Maryellen doll in My London Girl riding helmet